SCT (Sky Cloud Trading) is a Filipino-owned company headquartered in Las Piñas City. It is known for its SCT Gluta Kojic Ultra Organic Whitening Soap and is quite taking the online world by storm in the Philippines in just less than a year.

The company was established on February 20, 2017 by Volteire Caballero, a 34-year old young entrepreneur who is a native of Davao City. SCT also offers other beauty products, including face creams, toners, facial wash, and lotion, among others. Their products are available in online-selling platforms, Lazada and Shopee. As of December 2017, the SCT Gluta Kojic Ultra Soap is part of the “Top 10 Most Searched For Products on Lazada” and the most rated and most reviewed herbal whitening soap in Lazada’s Health and Beauty Soap Category. Moreover, other offerings are also highly rated by verified buyers around the Philippines.

According to the owner, they become prominent due to the effectiveness of their products which is very evident in the outstanding reviews and feedback given by customers, beauty experts, and bloggers. SCT makes sure that all their products are manufactured using the most premium ingredients so as not to compromise the quality and the results to users. In fact, all of their products are FDA-approved.

The first month of the business was just a one-man operation. SCT started with the preparation of licenses from different government agencies. On the other hand, the company was robbed on the 32nd day of operation by the very first customer who turned out to be a thief. The owner lost to the robber his laptop, two cellphones, and important documents and files. However, the incident did not stop him to run the business and used it as a motivation to go further and farther.

Now, the company has 11 personnel and is positively growing. All of their products are making names in the online world and are truly building a brand for themselves. With all the success that the company has been receiving today, Sky Cloud Trading will surely reach greater heights in the future.Type your paragraph here.